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Don't be embarrassed by a stinky house

Keep your home odor-free with The Pet Air Purifier™ — the household essential for every puppy parent!

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How It Works


Captures Particles

The 5-layer True HEPA Filter captures up to 99.97% of microscopic particles that contain odors, allergens and pet dander as small as 0.3 microns, making it almost impossible for smells to get through.


 Dog Odor & Pee Smell

The odor from the particles becomes trapped in the filter as the neutralized air is pushed through activated carbon as another layer of absorption.


Recirculates Fresh Air

Finally, the purified air is then pushed out of the vent system and circulated back into the room, keeping the environment fresh and clear of any doggy smells. This dramatically improves the indoor air quality of the room.

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Pet Air Purifier™


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True HEPA Filter


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Studies show that the air can be up to 78% cleaner simply by using our Air Purifier and letting it purify the room with clearer, healthier air instead of masking the air with a standard air freshening spray.

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puppy owners love us

This is great if you’re a clean freak dog owner, like me!

~ Jane Burrows

My one brings a nice natural smell to the home, it just feels more fresh and clean to live in. I think even the pup likes the place better now :) Worth a buy for sure.

~ Shirley B.

Life as a dog mother is now that little bit easier!

~ Marie W.

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