The Puppy Mothers Story

Puppy Mothers is the creation of a millennial dog mom who wants everyone to know that you don’t have to give up having a clean house just because you share it with your best friend — who happens to be canine.

My sister got a dog, and it was really annoying for me — the dog food, the smell, and the atmosphere. The dog stayed in the front room, and it pretty much took over the space. I noticed a difference in the atmosphere every time I walked through the door to that room. It was so frustrating! I didn't want to bring friends over. I didn't even want to go in there anymore. Unfortunately, my sister was nose blind to it at first, ignoring the smell. Then she began constantly spraying air freshener, but then it was just perfumed air — the room still felt and smelled like a dog kennel. One day when I was complaining to her about it, she said, "There's nothing more I can do." So, instead of complaining, I looked for solutions to the problem. I was going to create something for dog mothers who are so in love with their pups that they either ignore the fact that their dogs are taking over the atmosphere, or they give up because they don't know of any viable solutions.

As women and as pet owners, we at Puppy Mothers understand the struggle is real. We know what it’s like to wonder, "Does my house smell clean, or does it smell like dog, and I just don’t notice it anymore?"

We believe it’s possible to have a clean, healthy, happy pet household that doesn’t scream "pet house" the moment guests walk through the door. You know what we’re talking about… yes, it’s Dog Smell™. You can only wash your baby so often! And you know very well the moment they get outside, they’re going to find the smelliest thing they possibly can and roll around in it so they don’t smell like shampoo anymore.

At Puppy Mothers, we provide a sustainable solution to help keep the air in your home clean, fresh, and odor-free, so you and your guests can enjoy spending time together without worrying about the atmosphere.

We know using air fresheners and plug-ins only masks odors, and who knows what’s really in that stuff? We’ve felt that nagging worry that spraying fabric refresher on everything they touch isn’t safe for our best friends — or our furniture. These products don’t remove odor molecules; they just overwhelm them temporarily. What a waste!

We at Puppy Mothers prefer safer, healthier solutions. In addition, we proudly support charities by donating a percentage of our profits to a selected dog charity every quarter. When you purchase a Pet Air Purifier™ or any other product from Puppy Mothers, you can feel good about supporting an honest, sustainable company that gives back. A dog is a woman's best friend!

Reach out to us any time you have questions.