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Dirty Dog Doormat

Absorbs water, dirt, and mud, ensuring your floors stay clean and dry!

  • super absorbent material that soaks up to 7X its weight in water and mud
  • Features 50% more Advanced Microfiber Technology
  • Dries 5X faster than ordinary door mats
  • Super Gripper Backing so it stays in place
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  • Flexible & Soft
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Lightweight & Machine Washable
  • Breathable Mesh Cloth
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

What Our Customers Are Saying

25,000+ Satisfied Reviews

  • When I saw the size I was skeptical. I then turned it on and left to go run errands, when I returned the air had a clean non pet smell to it lol . My daughter noticed it immediately when she came home from school. This product is amazing!!!!

  • Love this! Such a little machine that does a big job. You can tell the air is better and cooler too. I used mine most days and thinking about getting another two so i don't have to keep moving them to other rooms. highly recommend to buyers, don't think twice you wont regret it.

    ~ Pauline T.
  • The reason I like these are because they are very subtle but impactful for people like me that have a couple of dogs making our home smell. + they are barely noticeable as they work but you notice the place feeling more comfortable. I expected it to be noisy but its not at all. Overall very happy.

  • I bought several of these and they noticeably changed the air in my home. It was strange at first but I’m getting used to it. The air just smells and feels cleaner. Only thing I found odd was that a white cord was provided for a black unit. I would expect, and had hoped for a black cord.

    ~ Tina A.
  • Ordered on 15th March, arrived on 30th March. I live in Brisbane, Australia. Currently using one in my bedroom & already can notice the difference! It’s small, light, not too obvious but does the job. The only downside was the charging cable requiring a USB head charger. I didn’t have one so I did have to go out and buy one from the local shop.

    ~ Di
  • Very efficient in making my house smell normal again, sometimes when we get a dog we do forget that they take over the smell of the home. Would recommend for pup owners that don’t want their house to smell like dog and dog food all the time.

    ~ D S.