Don’t Let a Stinky, Smelly Home Ruin Your Health – or Your Social Life!

Note: After reading this, you probably won't spend another day in a smelly room...

Try This for a Cleaner, Fresher, Healthier Home!

The Real Reason Your Home is Harmful to Your Health!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air quality in your home is probably worse than the pollution found in the biggest cities around the world. And the scariest part? Most people don’t even realize it.

But breathing that unhealthy air can lead to a host of health problems, like respiratory issues, allergies, sneezing, coughing, restless sleep, and even a weakened immune system.

Not to mention the effect that having dogs in your home has on the way your house smells. As much as we love our pets, they can make even the cleanest home smell musty, funky, and downright stinky.

So, what can you do?

Experts say the best solution for poor air quality is not to use toxic cleaning chemicals or overpowering air fresheners. But instead, clean the air itself!

Here’s Why Chemicals and Air Fresheners Don’t Work

Store bought cleaners and air fresheners are often full of toxic chemicals – chemicals that can wreak havoc on your health.

Instead of making your home healthier, they actually have the opposite effect and can fill your home with toxic fumes and harmful ingredients that can make breathing harder, not easier.

In addition, air fresheners aren’t intended to improve air quality at all. They just mask odors with other scents, and not always in a pleasant or effective way. The allergens, pet dander, pet hair, dirt, and dust are still present in the air.

People often waste hundreds of dollars trying all kinds of pet odor remedies, carpet powders, spray cleaners, and air fresheners – with little to no result.

Your home still smells like a musty dog and the air you breathe is still incredibly unhealthy.

But what if there was a way to remedy both problems?

What if you could have cleaner, fresher, healthier air inside your home and actually love the way your home smells?

Puppy Mothers Pet Air Purifier Cleans the Air in Your Home

So after 10 years of helping dog parents, a team of vets and dog specialists teamed up to develop a safer, more sustainable solution to effectively eliminate allergens and pollutants at home.

The U.S. based team engineered a portable air purifier designed to neutralize dog smell and safeguard your family from dog allergies. The Pet Air Purifier™ improves the air quality by clearing any dander, bad odor, and dust in the air, relieving allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing and wheezing. This may just be exactly what you and your dog need for allergy season.

Studies show that the air can be up to 78% cleaner simply by using Pet Air Purifier™ by letting it purify the room with clearer, healthier air instead of masking the air with a standard air freshening spray.

It's time to eliminate the 'dog air' from your home on auto-pilot!

"I have two dogs and a cat, and my house used to smell like a pet store all the time. But ever since I got this air purifier, the bad odors are gone and the air feels so much fresher. It also helps with my allergies and I don't have to dust as much. Highly recommend!"- Jamie H.

Create a clean and hygienic home environment despite the addition of your furry, and sometimes smelly family member. The Air Purifier enhances the atmosphere of any room in the purest way possible.

Easy to use

  • Easy one-touch operation.

  • True HEPA filter.

  • 78% cleaner air.

  • Energy-saving Timer.

  • Silent operation.

  • Small and compact.

  • 7 LED color choices.

This easy to use and affordable device was designed by real pet parenting experts. It solves the problem of stinky, polluted air in your home, and it really works!

" It's easy to use, compatible, quiet, and highly effective."- Anna W.

25,000 satisfied customers have tried the Pet Air Purifier in their homes – and love the result!

Since it hit the market, the Pet Air Purifier has become the must-have product for all pet parents, or anyone who just wants cleaner, fresher, healthier air in their home.

That’s why we recommend that you click this link to get yours today! Before they sell out!

So, how does it work?

  • Air Intake

    Quiet and effective air intake pulls in allergens, pet hair, and pet dander!

  • Particle Capture

    True HEPA filter captures the majority of particulates in your home.

  • Clean Air

    Quiet and effective air purifier will clear up the air in every room!

The Pet Air Purifier from Puppy Mothers uses True HEPA filter technology to leave your home healthier and smelling amazing. It pulls in dangerous allergens and particulates from the air and traps them in the filter. What you’re left with is air that is 78% cleaner and doesn't have that musty dog smell!

Designed by real pet parents who know what it’s like to have furry friends shedding all over the carpets, floors, and furniture, this device is designed to be convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable.

Just place this small, super-compact device in the rooms where your dog spends the most time, and in a matter of hours you will have a better smelling home and cleaner, healthier air!

"Absolutely great … I love it. It’s almost like a very small air-con, and it cleans up the airflow immediately."-Kaye S.

The Pet Air Purifier is so small and inconspicuous that you won’t even notice it – especially since it’s virtually silent during operation.

Forget about big, bulky air purifiers that take up too much space and are super noisy – not to mention expensive.

This product blows them all out of the water. And don’t let the small size fool you. The Pet Air Purifier is small but mighty, and it really works!

The Pet Air Purifier Will Transform Your Home!

If you’re ready for a better smelling home that you won’t be embarrassed to invite guest to, and you’re tired of waking up every morning with a runny nose and itchy eyes, or you’re frustrated by feeling like you constantly have a cold, or you can’t stop sneezing and coughing all day – this is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

This device will transform the way your home feels and smells in a matter of hours. You’re going to love the results so much that you’ll want one for every room!

Once you try the Pet Air Purifier in your home, you’re never going to want to go back to suffering with allergies from poor, unhealthy air.

The Better Solution to Air Fresheners

I’m a pet mom with two incredibly loved dogs in the home, and they both shed – a lot. Even with regular baths and daily brushing, I couldn’t seem to rid my home of that familiar “dog” smell.

I also struggle with allergies, something my dogs (and their fur) have not helped with.

I found myself waking up every day feeling like I was struggling to breathe. I was constantly sneezing, my eyes watered all the time and were itchy, and I was just fed up.

I was even trying to avoid being in the same room with my beloved pets for too long because I was always worried about how it would affect my breathing!

I’ve tried spray cleaners and air fresheners before. I’ve spent lots of money buying different products that all promised the same thing, and never delivered.

And then I had some guests over for dinner for the first time – and one of them noticed that we had dogs in the home before even seeing them.

How did they know? The smell!

I was mortified, and I knew then that it was time to try something different.

I bought my Pet Air Purifier from Puppy Mothers the very next day, and as soon as it arrived, I placed it in the living room and let it do its job.

Within hours I could notice a difference. And by the next day that room smelled amazing, and I was already breathing easier.

I went right back to the internet and ordered three more.

Now I have one in every room in my home, and I have never been happier.

There’s nothing bad to say about this product. I absolutely could not live without it!

Reduce Allergens and Breathe Easier

In just a few short hours, you will notice a significant difference in your home!

The Pet Air Purifier removes dangerous particulates, allergens, dust, dirt, pet dander, and more from the air. Instead of just masking the smell your precious pets leave behind, do more and actually clean the air you breathe!

The Puppy Mothers Pet Air Purifier uses a True HEPA filter to actually remove allergens from the air. Using it regularly in your home reduces everyday allergy symptoms and eases breathing problems and allergy symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing

  • Coughing

  • Stuffy/Runny Nose

  • Itchy Eyes

  • Red, Watery Eyes

  • Asthma

  • COPD

  • Chronic Bronchitis

  • Difficulty Sleeping

Keeps your home environment fresh and clean even in the presence of dogs and dog food.

With the True HEPA Filter that lasts for over 6 months of use, some customers like to put an air purifier in rooms that their dog won't even enter. You just can't beat that fresh air feeling!

Proven Results: Real Pet Mothers Love the Pet Air Purifier

Over 25,000 satisfied customers have used the Pet Air Purifier in their home and are now breathing cleaner, healthier, fresher-smelling air!

“My Air Purifier allows my puppy to be a puppy, without letting it take over the whole household.” -Jane J.
“It puts me at ease to know that I have a guest-ready home at all times now without having to run around spraying air freshener everywhere.” -Ariel M.
“It makes the air a lot more breathable and enjoyable in the rooms where my dogs are.” - Nate “This was the main factor in getting that clean-house feeling back that we haven’t felt since the arrival of our new puppy.” - Sarah

The Puppy Mothers Pet Air Purifier is busy making the rounds on social media. Because of that, supplies are limited! Make sure you get yours today so you don’t miss out!

Want even better news? Puppy Mothers offers an amazing discount when you buy more than one Pet Air Purifier for your home! Now you can put one in every room without breaking the bank!

Bottom Line: No wonder the Pet Air Purifier™ has been getting rave reviews from dog owners... it's clear what you need to eliminate the "pet allergies" from your home.

Ready to try Pet Air Purifier? Where Do I Get One?

Puppy Mothers has made it super easy to get a better smelling home and cleaner, healthier air. Take advantage of their special offers so you can save money and get more than one!

It's only available on their website and can't be found in stores.

Now that you know about the incredible household essentials for dog owners, here's how you can
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Step 3: Create a clean and hygienic home environment despite the addition of your furry, and sometimes smelly family member. The Pet Air Purifier™ enhances the atmosphere of any room in the purest way possible.

Helpful Hint: If someone you know or love is suffering from a stinky house and pet odor, you can give them this as a gift they're sure to love — the gift of less stress, anxiety, and saved money.

P.S. The Pet Air Purifier™ is protected by a "Satisfied or get your money-back" offer for 30 days. They're that confident that you will be happy with what you get.

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**IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since writing this article, Pet Air Purifier™ advised us that demand has never been higher. Stock is running dangerously low, and they may run out any day now. Stock in several cities is already depleted. Be sure to claim your 40% discount without delay.



★★★★★ 4.9 | 3,479 Reviews

Pet Air Purifier™

  • Captures hidden dog dander
  • One touch to start
  • True HEPA Filter
  • Small, silent, and powerful
  • Keeps your home smelling fresh